Monday, August 16, 2010

I Don't Want Ordinary, I Want Extraordinary!!!!

Have any of you read the book by Chuck Swindoll "Living Above the Level Of Mediocrity"?
You should get a copy of it and read about living your life to the fullest!  Jesus wants to give us an abundant life,  to live each moment to the fullest!  Well,  I take that even into decorating my home.
I know not everyone loves to decorate,  just like I am not into arts & crafts:),  BUT  whatever you
do,  do it as unto the Lord with all your heart!

That said,  here are a few items I found this week that I will be keeping for now because they are just that,  not ordinary*  I challenge you to do the same.*)

Look at this face!  Is this not the face of a mother, lol!
And this Retro King Thermos with Peacocks!
We will be drinking Hot Cocoa in Style this Winter!
This cute blouse,  look at the flowers!
Then this not so ordinary toilet paper holder
Mavis needed bedding so I found this adorable quilt
  colors are so vibrant!
And here is something I have had but thought you might
like to see and do for yourself...
Vintage costume jewelry in a vintage glass & iron serving dish?
then I top it all off with lots of great scents
from my friend who makes these wonderful
No Sir!  No more ordinary days for us!

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