Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweet Bird on a Rock!
Ballard Designs has something similar, I thought you might like to see how they use theirs,
I have added a couple of photos at the end of this post 
This is actually for bird seed,  but I would use it as a soap dish
either in the kitchen or bath:)!
Bronze Bird Soap Dish sold
And this is some more of the vintage silver I have,  I had thought I would
sell this piece but when I tried staging it for a photo in these
different ways,  well,  I think I should keep it!
Doesn't it look pretty with all the vintage jewelry? 

Then I tried it with vintage chandelier crystals,  Oh!  Loving this look!

Just a shot from Pottery Barn how they use some of their
silver in unusual ways....
I will be putting more silver on,  it is taking quite a bit
of elbow grease & time to clean these babies!!!!! 

The picture below is of a silver sugar dish/ pencil caddy/ vase/ votive cup.....
Ballard Designs using birds as bookends, or paper weights?

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  1. Hi! Mavis, I love all these birds, the last 2 pics, how much for these? I really am interested! Thanks~ Kay Miers