Thursday, February 24, 2011

When I saw their swing was taken down and all their pirate toys out of the tree house,  it hit me like a rock!  My heart jumped into my throat,  so hard to keep the tears back.  I walked into the house and my daughter saw I was emotional again,  she said, "Mommmmm" rolling her eyes at me.  I know they are just moving to Tyler but it is just that we have had the best of the best!  Having them live just down the lane from us,  the grandpirates running back and forth with their short little legs, bursting into the front door.  Big A saying,  "Nono,  it's me A____ " and little A marching over to the stove and saying"Ummmmm".  Sure they will still do those things when they come over,  but it will not be every day.  I know I have been spoiled!  Just saying, this week has been so emotional for me,  and tomorrow is their last day at the house.  Seasons in our life ........ Say a prayer for me tonight that I might hold it together tomorrow when they drive away.


  1. Your blog has been such an inspiration to me. You are truly a beautiful spirit! I pray thay God gives you strength in the coming days with your precious family moving. I would encourage you to reflect on the lyrics to Bring the Rain. Please know that your blog has brought me closer to God. Who would have ever thought that God has used your blog to touch a strangers heart!

  2. I love the song on my blog "Bring the Rain", such a testimony of God's unfailing grace. Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement, I hope the blog will continue to glorify our Lord and be a blessing to many:).