Monday, April 4, 2011

Have you ever met someone for the first time and instantly felt a connection?  Kindred spirits like Anne and Dianna in Anne of Green Gables?  Well,  I have with several of you over the last two years and last week with my new found blogging buddie "Flo" .  She called me last year about an item and since then I have been stalking her blog unbeknown to her:).  When I got a call last week about the two vintage dressers from her I was pleasantly surprised and admitted to my stalking behavior.  This gal has such talent at redoing her junking finds in a dry brush technique much like "Wisteria".
Not only that, but she is doing all of this to raise funds to go over to Uganda to an orphanage to help minister to the children there,  how sweet is this!!!   Check her out at
Here we are with her finds behind us! 
The guys had to get into it too of course:)
My hubby so enjoyed meeting her "Boog"
Malachi 3: 16,17
We are some thankful women for having such wonderful husbands!

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  1. We are thankful indeed. He's a treasured blessing. Thanks for the sweet post! .....Our pastor, the day we got married, issued a challenge to us both. Mine - does Boog look more like Christ because I've been his wife. His - do I look more like Christ because he's been my husband - supporting, loving, encouraging me. I think that's the best challenge ever for a married couple. See you soon!