Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I came across such a fun blog yesterday http://thethriftychicks.blogspot.com/,  maybe you already know about them.  These ladies know how to shop!  I became so excited to see what they had found at the Goodwill that I shut things down here,  called J and said meet me at the Goodwill,  I am leaving asap!!!  She beat me there:).  We told the pirates and grand pirates we were going treasure hunting to put them in the mood and promised "Andy's" or "Starbucks" if they would be good sports about it all.  Well she found a couple of cute things right away....I stayed about an hour and a half and came out with dear hubby 3 shirts:(.  Not one piece for me,  where are all the Anthropologie dresses like they found and all the adorable shoes?  The shoes I saw looked like they had walked their last mile!  Oh well,  you just never know when you go out junking. 
   The caramel frappe was delicious , Mavis had her lemon iced loaf , and  Henry had his regular, a "mocha" as he calls it,  they call it chocolate milk in a box :).

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