Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some of Saturday's Stash! Vintage Industrial

       Today was a humdinger!  I came back loaded and excited:).
Here are just a few of the goodies...

Vintage Industrial Shop Chair SOLD
Industrial Rolling File Cabinet $35
Task Floor Lamp SOLD

and this is so cool, 
Vintage Hospital Tray Table SOLD
Slide out mirror and drawer in case
you need to do your makeup while you
are just laying there:),  we do want to
look our best even at our worst!
This is going to be loads of fun for Mavis,  Harriet, Henry and the grandpirates to play "hospital" while we are waiting for it to sell,  wonder if they will let me be the patient.....:).

Just a side note\\\\\///// today has been fun!


  1. I would like it if it does :)

  2. Olivia, I have been trying to find your email address but cannot so I hope you are getting this, I sold this piece almost immediately! Please email me so I can have a way to get back in touch with you sooner, sorry!