Wednesday, October 5, 2011

                                  Dinner for tonight??
                                   Homemade Chilli
                                        Frito Pie
                                      recipe here

I want to share this website with all of you.  Several of us in my family are doing the Couch to 5k and ... let me tell you,  it really works!  Mavis jogged a mile last night and wanted to stay longer and do more:).  Was it really just a couple of months ago when she would ask every 5 minutes,  "how much longer,  can we leave now?"   Now we are asking her,  "Hey,  aren't you ready to go yet?"  Henry loves chasing all of us on his bike with his Indian spear pretending he is Squanto, lol!!  We have such a sweet time,  I am so thankful for my husband who pushes us to do our best at all times. 
  I hope all of you get out with your little ones and do something fun these cool evenings,   make those memories!

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