Friday, October 14, 2011

Fun Loving Fair Day in Dallas!

What an absolutely gorgeous day for the State Fair!!
Weather was perfect....

we had no idea they were going to be there and about
1 hour into our adventure...there they were,  yea! 

The exhibits were wonderful,  pig races,  African acrobats, exotic bird show,  children's aquarium,  Frisbee dogs......
The food,  welllllll,  just not my cup of tea.  Sorry,  but I could not bring myself to eat the deep fried Oreo, fried coke, fried lemonade, fried butter, fried bread pudding, everything was fried.
We opted for the famous Fisher's Corny Dog,  two bites was enough for Mavis, Henry and myself:(. 
I have to say the fresh squeezed Lemonade was delicious!
Rides were extremely expensive but we all know that before we head to the Fair,  right? 
I had not been in 30 years so I was tickled pink to go!
All in all it was a fab day,  love my family sooooooo much!!!!

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  1. That is so fun!!! We missed the state fair this year :(

    Looks like you guys had a blast!! The kids enjoyed seeing your pictures! Can't wait to see you guys, we miss y'all so much! We are counting down the days!