Thursday, November 3, 2011

Turkey Trot

Today I am thankful for such a wonderful husband and father to our children.  Thankful that he pushes us to do that extra mile,  literally!  He has had Mavis and I in training to run a 5k,  she is jogging 2.5 miles and I did my sixth 3 mile run last night.  I have never been athletic so this is wild!!
If I can do this...believe me,  anyone can.  I had this as one of my goals before hitting the big 50 and he made sure it happened.  Lovingly of course:).  Henry rides his bike along side of us cheering us on. 
We are starting a new tradition with my sister, brother in law, daughter and son in law, nieces and hopefully nephews this Thanksgiving,  running the 5K Turkey Trot!!!  Then off to the deer camp for our Thanksgiving Feast this time without the guilt;).

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A day late and a dollar short?

A day late and a dollar short...  I want to try every day this month to list one thing I am thankful for.  Since this is the second day of the month,  yesterday I would have to say I am thankful for back doors that actually open.  Ours would not yesterday for some crazy reason,  lol.

Where does the time go????  I hit the floor this morning running,  breakfast for hubby,  shower,  kids up,  out the door for early appointment.  Mavis and Henry read their science and readers in the lobby as they wait for me,  receptionist said she heard not a peep:).   My hygienist is really sweet,  I love the fact that she talks about interesting things while she works on me.  Time flies by,  now we are on our way home.  I have heard that McDonald's has wonderful Carmel Frappes,  so I pull in and order a lite.  Everyone has different taste,  I had to throw it away,  sorry:(.   Soon as I am home I fill the sink with hot soapy water and soak breakfast dishes then make a dash upstairs to start school.  Of course Mavis and Henry are sitting on the edge of their seats too excited for words!!! NOT.  Mavis starts her math with no problem,  very compliant.  Henry,  where ever is Henry???  Ok,  now on with math for Henry and a promise of chocolate milk... I rush back down the stairs to feed the sourdough starter and make dough for homemade pizza.  I think I can wash a few dishes then run back upstairs for the rest of math.  Now handwriting for Henry and history for Mavis.  I love, love, love math and history,  why are our children so different from us,  does anyone know??  Henry does not think I mean to do all his handwriting,  only 1/3 of it.  I let Henry know momma really means allllll of the paper has to  be written.  By the way,  I am trying out "Have a New Kid by Friday

 by Kevin Leman and so I just let Henry know the fun things for tomorrow are officially canceled.  No big fuss,  just let him know.  This book is fabulous!  Henry is absolutely in shock that I would do this to him,  he does all his writing without another word.  I see an opportunity to practice calligraphy while they are working,  I love that I am in school learning everyday too!  Now it is time for spelling, heritage studies,  piano,  English,  building an elk (yes we do build elks in school,  didn't you?).  Henry and I are hearing our tummies growl so we make a beeline downstairs to create our masterpiece pizza.  Wash all the dishes,  clean counter tops,  boot laundry.  Pizza is out of this world delicious!!!  We watch a history DVD "America the Story of Us"while enjoying lunch.

  This DVD is so amazing!  I feel like I have been transformed back in time when watching these episodes.  Monday we were in the Revolutionary War,  today with Harriet Tubman,  slave traders,  on cotton plantations and the building of the Eerie Canal.  If you homeschool this is priceless for history especially if you have a child that is a visual learner.  As with any thing you read or watch,  there are some parts I do not agree with,  I just stop and tell mine the truth about the situation.  Ok,  back to school to finish up then freeeeeee time.  Free time for them... Mavis uses hers to read,  Henry darts out the door for a ride on the go-kart.  Free time for me,  scouring and decluttering the master bath.  Last night I enjoyed a "mom's night out"  with TACHE.  The subject was on decluttering your life,  compelling.
   Mavis kindly whips up a yummy mocha for me and I am out the back door in a flash for the solitude under the oaks with a delightful book. 
       Thankful today for the FREEDOM fought for by others that I so enjoy today!