Friday, May 11, 2012

Walk by Faith and Not by Sight

Home Tour {For Sale} We are selling our sweeeet home:(. Husband would love to build again on more land add some chickens, cows, maybe a horse, goats, a pig or two???? Do you think we are crazy? I am just walking by faith and not by sight these days. I should always do this, it is kinda intoxicating to say the least. Hubby has always given me everything I ever asked for so I think it is way past time for him to have what his heart desires. He has wanted a farm for awhile now. I am all for this, I would just like to see the land now, the house or house plans. I like to plan, doesn't all women like that security in knowing what is going to happen next. God is not working like that this time, He is asking me to step out on faith and just wait. I totally feel like He may have something completely different in mind for us than either one of us have thought of. I love my Jesus, I trust my Jesus and yes I will obey!! But...if you happen to come across 5-10 acres of beautiful land with several old oaks, flat land for a pool, sunny garden spot, maybe a clothes line in the back....please let me know so I can hint to God;).

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