Monday, October 21, 2013

Invitation to All

I want to let you all know about something happening this weekend,  click on the link below and hope to see you there!!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013


If you have been here before then you should know by now that I am a believer and I believe God is into details. 
Our journey is still on going in designing and building a new home,  just found land that we love or should I say the land found us....I believe God did this also and I think I would be correct in saying the seller thinks so too,  since his account where he listed the land shut down right after posting and I had emailed about it:).  The Lord closed the door on land we had already committed to,  seller decided not to sell to us and now here we are with 4 acres in a little town we never even considered.  Four acres of huge oaks,  beautiful tree covered country roads,  scenic drive to our place of rolling hills and hay meadows,  and NO restrictions on chickens, lol!!
I really want some chickens for fresh eggs and a nice garden,  maybe a barn full of cats and another dog?
Anyway back to details.  This weekend I ventured out to a few tag sales,  one in particular that I had been to last year caught my attention.  When I pulled onto the street,   there were about 13 cars waiting in line for the gate to open,  I knew the competition was going to be fierce.  Finally right at 8:00 the gate swings open and we all start flying in,  one lady zips in front of us that had not been waiting and had us all in a huff! 
I went in and was disappointed at first not eyeing anything I thought I could use.  Then I saw a vintage cooler on a stand with a storage underneath,  thought this would be cute on our screened in porch,  a Cuisinart coffee maker "Two to Go" new in the box,  vintage stand for mail,  and was just about to pay when I spotted a box underneath the table,  a large new box.  I walked over and opened it up and could not believe my eyes!  I found this beautiful glass disco ball that is about 22 inches in diameter.  New!!  The price was less than a tenth of what it would cost me new so of course I nabbed it up:)!! 

 I had seen one of these in a magazine a few months ago and thought how cute this would be in Mavis' new room.  After looking online though and seeing prices, just tucked it in the back of my mind knowing that I  had to prioritize where to spend the budget and spending $$$ on a trinket would not do:).

So what am I saying???  I just think the Lord is such a sweet,  kind,  generous Heavenly Father that knew by giving me this would just burn in my heart that this was something only He and I knew I wanted and that He loves surprising us with little detailed gifts that we have not mentioned to anyone.  Most of those sweet gifts are my children laughing so hard with me that we have tears running down our face or the grandchildren calling me to see if I want to ask them to come over because mommy won't let them invite themselves, lol.  Watching little A make his first goal in soccer (even if it was an accident),  big A talking about the Bible and loving on his baby brother.  Being contacted by a teacher at our co op about how they love having our kids in their class.....I'll take all He has for me.  I feel my cup runneth over with how He loves me. 
My friend He does not love just me this way,  He loves all his children this way.  You just have to fellowship with Him,  abide with Him and wait and watch.  He Loves You !!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I think the Lord just wanted to see....

   Last couple of post I had stated that our house sold and we were selling everything and moving to a barn.  Well....that is what I thought:).  The Lord had an extra special surprise for us though.
  Here goes,  you know I do love to tell the whole story(sometimes wayyyy too much) but I will try and keep it short and simple. 
  Hubby had talked with a friend that had a barn apartment on their property and they offered to rent it to us while we look for land and build again.  I had not seen the apt but heard it was a nice place and the land that it was on was absolutely perfect,  great place to go running,  gated, pond for fishing,  beautiful and private.  The only thing was when I actually went to see it,  well,  I was shocked at how small!  I think it may have been about 600 sq ft at the most!  The living area was very small and one of the two bedrooms was about the size of our closet.  My first instinct was panic because hubby really wanted it and the price for rent was unbeatable:(.  I ask if we could just pray about it some more and not commit yet,  he said sure.  I kept asking him to look at another house that was about 1800 square ft and alot more money but didn't this make more sense?  He would do it but I could tell he really wanted the barn so we could save money for building.  Long story short,  I did not have peace about trying to get my way(the bigger house) and finally gave in to the Lord and said,  "OK,  God you will have to just give me grace to live in such a small place with two kiddos."
So I started selling some of our furnishings that I knew would not fit and hubby did not want to store.  Then the Friday after Thanksgiving we got a call from the owner saying he could not rent it to us after all because his daughter needed to move back home and would be using it.  I was thrilled!  I knew the Lord had something else for us!  After another month of delayed closing on the house we still had no place to move.  Then one Sunday night a friend called and said they had decided to move back to their ranch and would we like to lease their lake home?  I was shocked!  This home was way over our budget I felt for sure but told her that I would get hubby to call her husband and they could talk finances.  We prayed then prayed some more that if this was the house the Lord would work it out so we could afford the lease.  When my husband told me what the amount was I thought he was joking!!
The Lord blessed us with this fun home while we look for land and build!  He has given us much more than we could even of hoped for!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Clean Slate

                                        Hubby says to sale all the furniture!!! 
              I have much for sale on craigslist in our area....Check it out!