Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where are the poor?

In my devotional this morning I was reading Proverbs 14 and came across this in verse 20;
"The poor man is hated even by his own neighbor,  but the rich has many friends." and 21;
"He who despises his neighbor sins;  but he who has mercy on the poor,  happy is he."

This verse really took hold of me and made me think,  do I feel differently about people?
Surely not,  I am a mercy at heart all the way,  sometimes to my doom!  But ...  I had to
think of some situations I had been uncomfortable in,  honestly.  Then I started thinking
who do I know that I really would consider poor?  I could not think of one single
person that I would think was truly poor.  Someone that could not feed and clothe their
children properly or that was homeless.  I know several people that are just getting by,
 sometimes due to their own choice,  some that have had a job loss and so on but they
are making it.
  Then I thought about why I don't see the poor,  I know they are out there and I would
love to help them but just don't see the opportunity except through missions to missionaries
in foreign lands.  And then this hit me!  Here we are in our nice little homes living in
comfort in our Restricted Neighborhoods... going to the same safe places week after
week.  I had to stop and think,  why do we live in a restricted neighborhood?  We tell
ourselves it is to keep our property value up and it does but is God concerned with
our property value?  Do I really think Christ would have made sure he built his home
in a restricted neighborhood so he would not have mobile homes popping up right beside him
or have old clunkers in the yard?  I used to live in a mobile home and  guess what?  I was
the same person I am now,  I have had my share of clunkers too,  but that was the same
me that was driving them that is now driving a nicer vehicle. 
So what am I getting at?  Just that I need to reach out and find the poor,  go to where they
are.  See this safe little life for what it really is...hypocrisy perhaps?  I say I want to help
the poor but how far am I willing to go. 
Christ used the poor,  the humble,  those that would yield.  Maybe it is hard to yield when
we have so much stuff to let go of  in order to be yielded to Him completely.
  This post is just for me,  I am not judging anyone but myself.
  The Holy Spirit is working out some things in my own life and I so want to be yielded!

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  1. What a inspiration you are .I truely was blessed by your writing, THANK YOU, Brenda @kaylorscottage