Monday, May 16, 2011

Trying to be Suzy Homemaker

I have been doing something unusual the last couple of days,  ironing!  I have not ironed in a month of Sundays but I am now and enjoying it too:0!  Who knew?  Hubby has been wearing these all our married life up until 8 months ago when he decided to retire.

  Now he has moved into these,
  I could take all of his shirts and slacks to the cleaners but I am just too frugal for that, besides, a girl gets a good feeling knowing she is taking care of her man:).  When I was just a little girl my greatest desire was to get married one day, have children and be the best mommy and wife I could be.  My desire is still the same,  I have failed miserably many times but hey I get right back up and try again.  My idea of home making may differ from others depending on how old you are,  I was born in the early 60"s (yikes that makes me vintage!!) so I think of clothes dancing on the clothes line smelling like sunshine and fresh wind,  home made yeast bread baking, chocolate cakes and cream pies all made from scratch, hydrangeas and lantana and roses along the yard,  huge oak trees to climb, barns to ramble through,  chickens laying eggs, kittens always to name,  good old dogs, Popsicles, bare feet on the cool grass, bare feet on the hot sand*ouch!, Big Red, RC, Dr Pepper with peanuts poured into the bottle, Coca Cola for 10cents, getting a deposit back on your soda bottle, tomato fights in the garden,  jumping into a cold lake with cousins and siblings, picnics, cats riding in the basket on my bike, dressing cats up in baby clothes and trying to teach them to drink from a baby bottle, barbie dolls down the entire hall, Hostess Cupcakes.....
  What are your memories?


  1. #1 YOU are not vintage!
    #2 Your memories are my dreams of what I hoped to be growing up....a mother who made cookies from scratch, read books in bed to her children, smiled, laughed and loved big....the rest is icing on the cake. : )

  2. I love my LIFE!! Praise and glory to our LORD!!