Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Contentment is not only a good idea,  it is our duty.  If God recommends something,  we ought to do it.  If God requires something,  we must do it.  "Godliness with contentment is great gain" and "Be content with what you have".

  Such a forceful endorsement by the Almighty should make contentment a prominent concern for each of us.  Instead,  we make it a secret concealed by our indifference to it.  When the Apostle Paul wrote,  "I have learned the secret of being content,"  his use of the word secret was intentional.  Those things we expect to bring contentment surprisingly do not.  We cannot depend upon it to fall into place through the progressive evolving of civilization,  for contentment arises from a different source. 
  Most of us do not know how to uncover this secret and have never seriously tried.  Our quest is usually not for contentment but for more.  This quest brings us into an immense maze,  where before us lie dozens of avenues.  some are wide,  luxurious,  downhill,  and tempting, and we see a rush of our friends entering them.  They lead to beautiful houses,  comfortable cars,  exotic vacations,  and affluence.  Other avenues,  equally popular,  lead to prestigious colleges,  distinguished  jobs,  important friends,  and power.  Still others direct us to beautiful spouses,  beautiful children,  deep tans,  and popularity.
  All the while,  off to one side,  courses a narrow uphill road,  unadorned and unpopular.  It is dusty from its sparse use and lonely from lack of travelers.  The sole treasure at its end is an elusive commodity called "godliness with contentment."

  Godliness is and attitude whereby what we want is to please God.
  Contentment is a matter of accepting from God's hand what He sends because we know hat He is good and therefore it is good.
  Contentment is the freedom that comes when prosperity or poverty do not matter;  to accept what we have and to  want but little.   The more we choose contentment,  the more God sets us free.  The more He sets us free, the more we choose contentment!...................."Margin" by Richard A. Swenson

  I struggle no more!  I am content Lord and I am blessed beyond measure.  I love being wife,  mommy,  nono,  friend but most of all your daughter!!  My life is full of wonder and surprise,  I compete with no one but myself,  I am free!

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