Friday, October 21, 2011

"What's Up- Mavis & Harriet?"

  My dad has been telling me for quite a while that as you age,  your body may be getting older but your mind can still be 25, 30 or even 18!  Well,  I am finding out for myself exactly what he meant by this.  I will be turning 50 at  the end of this year,  never has bothered me to tell my age,  I am who I am.  This number has had me thinking though,  for some time now.  I realize I can't keep waiting to do those things I said I wanted to do in my life.  Determination has set in,  a will power that I have never felt before.  I don't just think about what I want to do,  I do it.  There are no more excuses why I can't or shouldn't.  Being a little crazy can be fun,  acting like an adult all the time is highly over rated:).  My mind thinks I am only 25 give or take and it is telling my body to get up and act like that before I can not.  Silliness with my little ones and grandpirates brings me joy,  time is so fleeting with them.  There will come a day when they will not have time for me like they do now,  I will relish them while I can. 
   So what am I getting to?  Well,  some of you have emailed me and called wanting to know "what's up?"    "Why are you not selling on Mavis & Harriet,  are you going to start back?"  The answer is no,  I will not be selling any longer.  Starting  "Mavis & Harriet" was fun,  lots of fun and buying,  hunting down all the fab finds was a blast.  I had such a passion for it that I thought about decorating and junking all the time!!!  All the time,  did you catch that?  Some women can probably juggle being a wife,  mom,  teacher and have a home business and do just great,  not me.  I felt convicted about my lack of time for areas of my family's lives.  I prayed about the situation every day!  Finally,  I knew I had to do something different,  so I prayed and asked the Lord to take away my desire for decorating and give me a love for teaching my children.  Guess what?  He did just that!!!!  I have fallen madly in love with teaching Mavis and Henry and our school year has been the best we have ever had so far!!!  I could do school all day long:).  As for decorating,  my house is fine like it is.  As for hitting the sales?  I have been out one morning in probably 2 months.   Now I go just when the mood hits me or we may need something and I don't want to pay full price, nice leisurely junking though.
  God has said in His word,  "Delight thyself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart",  the key is that He will give you His desire for you and it will become your desire.  How loving our Lord is and isn't it just wonderful how he changes us to want the true treasures,  time with our little ones,  those chubby faces of grand children,  listening to them,  the best things in life are free.  This is where Jesus would have me,  are you in the place He would have you?  I sure hope so,  don't be deceived by the masked riches of this world.  Dig deep into those treasures that are right in your own home.
  The years have zipped past but my 50's are going to be the most thrilling of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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