Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday's Message (note from my sweet hubby)

                                                                  On Father's Day                        

Since yesterday was Father's day why not talk about a father found in the Bible. You know God paints every one just as they are, warts and all. One of the most well known of Bible characters is the sweet psalmist of Israel, David.
David had been a shepard growing up and lived in the obscure pastures and hills around his father's farm. He had a heart for God and eventually fought and killed the famed Philistine, the giant Goliath. Later he married several wives and became the king of Israel.
King David had many children. One of them, Absalom, was one of the beautiful. Here was a young man who seemingly had it all. He was the son of the King of Israel (not a bad start),he was intelligent, crafty and persuasive. On top of all this he had an absent father.His father David was a very busy man and had his own personal problems. There was a vast kingdom which demanded his attention and moral failures that dogged his every step, and Israel's enemies were causing constant conflict.
But what David could not see, was a boy, who was growing into a man that needed him desperately. Every boy longs to have his father's attention, his approval and his affection. Just to be at daddy's side for a while each day, to be noticed, to be valued and recognised can make a world of difference for a boy. He must have wondered when his father would make time for him.
As the days grew into years so the young man's rebellion grew. He got to where he did not want his father's advice or even his company. When the time came, he killed his own brother and led a revolt against the kingdom. His life came to an end when his long beautiful hair was caught in a tree and he was slain by David's army commander.
Dad, the bottom line is this, your children need you. God has given each dad beautiful children for whom he is accountable. For you there is no replacement, no substitute. There is simply no one else in the universe who can do the job God has given you to do. Now Dad what are you going to do?   


  1. Thank you for keeping it real and focused! God bless you both.

  2. Thank you for keeping it real and keeping things in proper focus...The Father's focus.