Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Saw a Man Today

I saw a man today, a true man.  
He stood before a crowd of his peers and asked for forgiveness,  hands shaking,  voice trembling... trying so hard not to break down.  A mistake had been made,  someone had been hurt,  it was not intentional,  yet damage had been done.  Because of his position he was held accountable in front of all. 
I saw grace today. 
Grace from a body of believers aching to forgive, love, and eager for healing.
I saw mercy today.
Two coming together that had been separated,  embracing in spirit.
I saw tenderness today.
Tears running down cheeks,  voices trembling.
I saw a heart ready today.
Ready to receive this,  hungering for true fellowship,  truth itself.
I saw Christ today.
Wiping away our sins by His blood and giving us new life in Him.

Thank you Lord Jesus for giving me this gift today!

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