Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday's Message

                                                              My Hero

hero: one who faces impossible odds with undaunted courage.
Who we admire says a lot about who we really are. Many today admire sports figures and movie stars. These usually are the beautiful, the rich and talented. Never mind that their personal lives are a train wreck that never ends. Do you really want to hold those people up to your children to emulate? Not me.
January 1956. Five men lay dead in the middle of the jungle. Nate Saint, Jim McCulley, Roger Yoderian, Jim Elliot and Pete Fleming were missionaries in Ecuador. They had been speared to death by those to whom they were bringing the gospel. Just miles away five wives and eleven children waited for a radio call that would never come. Their lives were cut short in an obscure rain forest serving a God who would allow his servants to suffer for His namesake.
 July 2007. Collin Carroll was serving on Mercy Ships in the country of Liberia. He was a young man with tremendous potential. He had a heart for people, especially children and a passion for the will of God. With a degree in bio medical sciences, he was the dental coordinator on the ship, Africa Mercy. In his application he said " Jesus is my source of strength, my inspiration and my ever-present friend. Without Him, I would be nothing." Collin died just a few days short of his twenty-second birthday while swimming with friends. He wrote to his family after his arrival in the African country and ended the post with"God save Liberia."
November 2010. Micheal Loua was a native of Guinea, a small country neighbor to Liberia. He had come to faith in Christ in his native homeland which is overwhelmingly Islamic. He traveled to the U.S. for training in the ministry. But he never lost sight of his true calling. God had given him a heart for the people of Guinea and when his training was completed he headed back to bear witness of the One who had purchased those dear people with His own blood. Because he would not recant his faith in Christ he was martyred by those to whom he wanted to bring good news.
So we must choose who we set up as a hero. The world has made it's choice and God has made one as well. "For consider Him that endured such contradiction of sinners against Himself, lest you be wearied and faint in your minds." (Hebrews 12:3) These men chose Christ and I do to. What about you?

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